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" Le Maronnier rose "

What activities are available in Perigord/Dordogne ?

Here are my advices about what to do or explore in Dordogne and around while you are staying in our cottage.


There are some unmissable sportive , historical and gastronomical activities in the area .


Your cottage , located near by the train station , offers the possibility to visit Bergerac , Sarlat , St Emilion or even Bordeaux in less than an hour .

What guestroom in Perigord/Dordogne ?

Gastronomical activities from

Bordeaux to Bergerac

My address to indulge in the Gironde and the Dordogne gastronomy, delicatessen.

You are staying in between two famous vineyards which are St Emilion and Bergerac.
How to choose a vineyard more than an other ?

Every time , it's a meeting of a man or a woman who live of their grapes production.

The ones I will mention are those who respect the ground, their health and ....ours.
At Bonneville , 5 km away by car , the "château du Bloy".
At Pomerol, 20 minutes away by car,the "château Gombaude-Guillot".
Many other possibilities are here for you, indulge into some wine tasting, listen to the passionate wine makers.

5 minutes away from the cottage , the Margouti family offers delicatessen around duck cooking , visit their little shop where they create their products .

Every Saturday morning, there is a local market in St Foy la Grande.

You can have lunch onboard a boat from St Terre , where you can taste eel in red wine sauce .

All the cooking is made onboard and the landscapes are breathtaking.

Visits from Bordeaux to Sarlat

Historical and cultural visits in Perigord

Here are the unmissable cultural and prehistorical sites from Bergerac to Bordeaux

5 minutes away by car , there is an archaeological site in the village of Montcarret which dates from the Romans.

Nowadays,the Bergerac area is famous for its vineyards but it use to be a tobacco  productive area.

At Bergerac , the tobacco museum will explain to you the history behind it.

At St Terre , there is a eel museum with a garden which shows you in details the way this fish lives.

The St Emilion village is recognised by the UNESCO , it's only 20 minutes by car and 15  minutes by train . If you pay it a visit, where some trainers because the streets are   narrow and climby .

If you fancy some macaroons , only one place to think of : rue Gadet , chez Nadia Fermuger.

Get back to the last century boarding on a boat " gabare" at Bergerac . A guide will explain to you the fauna and the flore of the Dordogne river.

At night time , you can discover a bit more about the history of the area thanks to Alienor d'Aquitaine .

The show of the "bataille de Castillon ", replica of the end of the 100 years war , can be booked in advance if you want to choice your seat .
For gardening lovers , an artist couple opens his place to the public . Get in their park and try to recognise some plants.

The Michel of Montaigne 's castle , located 12 minutes away by car , shows in details the place and the way of life of the writer.

Have a walk around the park and visit the philosoph's tower.

The big towns to visit

in Gironde and Dordogne 

Visit the Aquitaine

main towns

From Bordeaux to Sarlat ,

there are the well know places to visit

Perigueux : in the White Perigord , known for its cathedral and its old streets. There is a local market every Wednesday and Saturday morning.


Sarlat : It's a stunning old town . Have a look at the building architecture details.

If you  fancy to go to Bordeaux , my advice is to use the train , right next to the cottage. It's the easiest way to get there and you avoid traffic jams. The very new wine building , " cite du vin "is the perfect place for wine  Connoisseur . 

Promenade on the docks, visit the " cours Alsace Loraine " where you can find an old shop selling all kind of brushes(from brush make up to painter brush) it's the last of its kind in Europe, know for its products quality.

For sportive activities , the Dordogne river is 2,km away from the cottage.

At Pessac sur Dordogne , hire a canoe, choose your course and sail on the river at you speed.
You could even enjoy a quick dip or a lunch stop !